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Forbes: Rangers Now The Seventh Most Valuable Franchise In Baseball

Texas just cracked the top 50 in Forbes Magazines annual rankings of the most valuable sports franchises




    Coming off two consecutive World Series appearances, it’s no great surprise that the Texas Rangers have increased in value as a franchise over the past couple years, and thanks to Forbes, we now have a better idea of exactly where they stack up against the most valuable sports franchises in the world.

    Texas ranks in the top 50 franchises in the world now, but barely, as the 50th most valuable franchise according to the annual survey, via the Dallas Morning News, with an estimated net worth of $674 million.

    The reigning back-to-back American League Champs rank seventh in terms of MLB teams, behind--among others, obviously--the New York Yankees (who are tied with the Dallas Cowboys for third with an estimated worth of $1.85 billion) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (who are tied with the New England Patriots for sixth with an estimated worth of $1.31 billion).

    Not bad for a franchise that, just two years ago, was in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings and in search of a new ownership group.