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Watch List - 1/28: Monster Mash When Vampires Hit the School Dance




    "Vampire Diaries"

    Pop-culture vampires are on a hot streak with high school dances, if the normally troubled Edward and Bella are a guide (their prom was lovely). But this streak seems to be screeching to a halt as our fanged friends crash a 50s-themed dance. "Dawson's Creek" with fangs is a lethal combination.

    CW at 8

    "Flipped: A Mobster Tells All"

    Mafia-philes will appreciate the true-life tale of mobster-decline, along with the great nicknames like "Flattop" and "Kenji." Michael "Michael Flattop" is part of a ruthless mob family. Kenji loves lives the mafia high-life. Both flip against their respective mafia families. You might think you're seeing the this life with "The Sopranos," but nothing beats the real-thing.

    Discovery Channel at 9 and 10


    Picking up where the "X-files" left off, this show manages to find the out-there in the usually mundane. The latest caper brings the crew to a normal Massachusetts wedding that somehow ended with 14 people suffocating from a released toxin.

    Fox at 9