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Olivia Wilde Finds "The Words" to Join Bradley Cooper



    Olivia Wilde is just one of a host of actors that's signed on for Bradley Cooper's second film in which he plays a writer who takes a shortcut to success.

    Wilde, Zoe Saldana, J.K. Simmons, Ben Barnes, John Hannah and Nora Arnezeder have signed on for "The Words," which will star Cooper as a writer who plagiarizes another. The film also stars Jeremy Irons and Dennis Quaid.

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    Cooper, of course, earlier this year starred in "Limitless" in which he played a writer who achieves literary success with the aid of a powerful drug that allows him to tap into his mind's full potential.

    "The Words" will mark the directorial debut of co-writers Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal, whose script about a man who eventually pays the price for stealing another man's work has appeared on the Black List of best unproduced scripts in Hollywood.


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    Klugman and Sternthal previously worked with Wilde on "Tron: Legacy," let's hope this script marks a significant improvement over that mess.