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Forget the Box Office, Will Forte Still Rules the Cross-Dressing World




    Despite the news that "MacGruber" got kicked at the box office over the weekend, we're still loving our Will Forte.

    Not only for making a passable "SNL" sketch into a passable comedy movie for a change, but mostly for his "30 Rock" finale last week.

    Forte stole the show as he was torn over his desire to cross-dress like Cher, but feeling unfaithful to his girlfriend and alternate cross-dressing fantasy Jenna (Jane Krakowski). This dilemma would break lesser men.

    In the end, all sides won as Forte managed to cross dress as both of his idols, and still keep his girlfriend happy. His presentation was priceless.

    Elizabeth Banks says she was so overwhelmed over the site of him on the set that she took a bunch of pictures. So we thought it worthy to put up one of our own.

    Here's hoping there's a Madonna fantasy next season.