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Exclusive Clip: "Back to the Future" Blu-Ray Reveals Reagan Was a Big Fan

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Star Michael J. Fox talks about moving from TV to a major movie production, and screenwriter Bob Gale reveals Ronald Reagan's response his name-check in the film.

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"Back to the Future's" 25th anniversary has fans ready for a return trip to the past with a brand-new Blu-Ray release of the beloved trilogy on Oct. 26.

In this exclusive video, star Michael J. Fox does some time-tripping himself, recalling his life-changing transition from TV star to movie star and pop culture icon, while producer Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Bob Gale remember then-President Ronald Reagan’s response to the film’s joke about the likelihood of the onetime actor becoming president – and Reagan’s own unexpected public reference to the film.  

Ready? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

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