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Ware's Minor Injury Was A Major Scare

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Ware's Minor Injury Was A Major Scare

Cowboys fans suffered a scary few minutes yesterday as DeMarcus Ware hit a ball carrier awkwardly and lay on the turf at Raymond James for a while immediately following the play.

Luckily, the injury was minor, a mere bell-ringing, if you will, and the two-time All-Pro linebacker returned a series later.

"[My head's] good now," Ware said, laughing. "It's good now. I know I'm in Florida, it's still humid."

Ware said that he actually stayed on the turf a bit longer than was necessary, a move to save face and thoroughly frighten the scores of Cowboys fans watching in the stands in Tampa and around the country.

"I knew where I was, it was just like, I don't want to get up and stumble back down," Ware said. "So I don't want to look bad on TV. So I said just stay down where you are. At the end of the day, it was a little minor head bang. I had the trainers here, there's good trainers here, to bring me back, too. I was a little out of it, for a little while but by the second half I was back to normal. No headaches at all which is good."
Indeed. Anyone who saw the heart of the Bears defense ( a young man named Urlacher) lose his season on a seemingly harmless play in Green Bay last night could tell you that.

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