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ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 21: A general view of the Dallas Cowboys in the second quarter against the Tennessee Titans during a preseason game at Dallas Cowboys Stadium on August 21, 2009 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

You know, when your town decides to give $325 million to an insane rich person, so that he can build an unnecessarily opulent stadium with giant video boards and cage dancers and platinum urinals, I think it’s fair to expect a little credit for your donation. Not unlike an opera patron being noted in the evening’s program. So you can sympathize with the good people of Arlington for helping Jerry Jones build the most expensive stadium in the history of the universe, only to hear the media constantly tell the rest of the nation that said stadium is located in Dallas.

Of all the feedback we’ve received here at NBC about the new stadium, the one thing about it that really chaps a few hides out there is that the city of Arlington has gotten little to no mention during the stadium media blitz. Here are some of the emails… 

Someone needs to give Bob Costas, Keith Olbermann, and the rest of the announcers on Football Night in America a refresher in geography on exactly where the Dallas Cowboys stadium is. It is not the "Palace in Dallas." It is in Arlington. The residents of Arlington paid for the stadium, the least these uneducated announcers should do is acknowledge where the stadium actually is and give the residents of Arlington credit for the creation of this newest wonder of the world…

NBC-The City of Arlington paid over $300 million, plus all the indirect infrastructure costs, to make the stadium happen. Cowboys Stadium is NOT the Palace in Dallas, nor is it even in Dallas County. We'll come up with another rhyme if we have to. Please throw the citizens of Arlington a bone!…

While, "The Palace in Dallas" sounds cute, the Palace is actually in Arlington. NBC needs to hire competent broadcasters who know where they are on the planet…

Al Michaels and Bob Costas keeping referring to the Cowboy stadium " the palace from Dallas" The stadium is in Arlington Texas!! The citizens of ARLINGTON, TEXAS are the ones paying for the palace - NOT DALLAS!!!…

Michaels & Costas are coming across as studpid [sic, just for fun] to the people in ARLINGTON!!!…

Channel 5 sportscasters need a geography lesson! Cowboy Stadium is not in Dallas or even Dallas County! It is in ARLINGTON, Tarrant County, Texas. How about a little acknowledgement for the citizens of Arlington who approved a sales tax increase to help pay for the stadium?…

It would seem that some of the Arlington residents are upset about the announcers saying they are in Dallas and the Dallas residents should be just as upset. Just as the LA Raiders became the Oakland Raiders, the Dallas Cowboys are no more. Like a prostitute running out the door after she gets paid, Jerry Jones took his team away from the city that made the Cowboys who they are. The Cowboys should be forced by the NFL and the Dallas City council to change their name and reflect which city they are actually in and Dallas should put in a bid to have the next team created by expansion in the NFL since DALLAS DOES NOT HAVE A PRO FOOTBALL TEAM ANYMORE!!!…

Star-Telegram columnist David Thomas even went so far as to suggest the team be renamed The Dallas Cowboys of Arlington. 

It is almost time to get nasty. We have been nice thus far, politely pointing out that the new Cowboys Stadium is in Arlington. But there Bob Costas was, only 10.25 seconds (I timed it) into NBC’s "Football Night in America," welcoming viewers to "the palace in Dallas."…

So I say the people of Arlington should give nice one more chance and ask Jerry Jones to change his team’s name to the Dallas Cowboys of Arlington.

And if Mr. Jones somehow doesn’t see fit to change the name, perhaps someone from the city could politely inform Mr. Jones that the Arlington fire marshal just bought a new calculator and is going to drop by and refigure the stadium’s capacity.

Now, I have two very easy solutions to this problem. First of all, Costas and company called it the Palace of Dallas because it rhymed, and it was stupid. All we have to do is think of a similar, catchy nickname that uses the name Arlington. The Starlington of Arlington. There you go. Done. Plug it in.

Failing that, I suggest the town pony up for the stadium naming rights. They’re still available, you know. A mere $400 million more and the stadium could be called Cowboys Stadium Of Arlington, That’s Arlington And Not Dallas And Screw Those Cheap Dallas Bastards.

For the right fee, I don’t think the Double J would have an issue with that.

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