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The Brushoff Heard 'Round Texas!



    We could write about the Cowboys' collapse Sunday for the next 10 years (and we will!). The blown lead. The pick-sixes. Felix Jones' unbelievable stupidity at the end of the game (only Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were more confused). Ah, but let's spend a moment with this little five-second gem of a video, in which Jerry Jones attempts to comfort a clearly despondent Tony Romo, only to have Romo do the whole GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME brushoff move. That's a move often deployed by surly teenagers and potential arrestees, and Romo pulls it off effortlessly.

    I will defend Romo for just a moment before tearing him to pieces: Jones is annoying. No one who blows a 24-point lead to Detroit wants to have their meddling owner come over and give them the whole rah-rah routine. Romo isn't an idiot. He knows that the Cowboys lost Sunday because of HIM, so he wasn't all that keen to keep his chin up as the clock was winding down. You have to give players a certain amount of time to grieve over their failures. You have to let them cry in the beer for a little bit before shaking it off and going back to work, and it's just like Jerry Jones to fail to grasp that concept. This video brings back all the old grievances we have against the Double J. Why is he even on the sidelines at that moment? Why does he keep thinking he's a coach down there? Can't he just leave this team alone for five seconds? WHEN WILL THE MADNESS CEASE?!

    Now, back to Romo. This is the second straight week that Romo has gotten openly snippy with other members of the organization during the game. Last week, he was yelling at his teammates. This week, he got huffy with Jones. You don't need me to tell you that Romo has no one to blame for his shortcomings but himself right now. Those three picks he threw yesterday, particularly the final one, were AWFUL throws. Unforgivable throws. It's one thing to make a lousy throw when you're playing from behind and need to make something happen. But Romo pressed the ball even though his team was in the lead. He took a risk when there was NO reason to take a risk, and now we have to sit here once again while he tries to figure out how to stop being the world's most bipolar NFL quarterback.

    And he's never gonna figure it out. Deion Sanders said last night that you'll never be able to trust Romo, and he's right. He'll never become a trustworthy QB. He'll have great games again to be certain, perhaps as soon as after the bye week. But he is NOT done having performances like the one he had yesterday. Romo's just talented enough to break your heart, and perhaps the above video shows that he knows it all too well.