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Is JerryWorld's Video Board Too Low? Jerry Says No



    Jerry Jones says the height of the video board in Cowboys Stadium is just fine, thank you.

    A punt hit the massive board during Friday's game in the third quarter, forcing a do-over.

    But Jerry told the Dallas Morning News that the stadium was built to NFL specifications. The board, which is 60 yards wide and 71 feet tall, is already 90 feet above the field.

    That may be 5 feet above the league's minimum, but the NFL is keeping an eye on the board. A league spokesman said the NFL is aware of -- and is monitoring -- the matter.

    And Tennessee Titans coach, who co-chairs the league's competition committee, said he thinks it's an issue, the Associated Press reported.

    "Something has to get worked out," he said.

    And the Titans' A.J. Trapasso, who kicked the offending punt, was reported as saying after the game that the board is "in the way." (He also smacked it during warm-ups.)

    But Jones told the AP that he isn't worried about it.

    "I'm very comfortable that our height on our scoreboard is OK," he said.

    After all, as Jones points out, punts don't generally go down the middle of the field.

    Information from the Associated Press contributed to this report.