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Former Cowboy Maryland Becomes Mentor



    (Published Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014)

    Former Cowboys defensive lineman Russell Maryland was born to be a mentor to young people.

    He was recently named an honorary chairman to the Boys and Girls Club of Arlington.
    It's an organization that helped shape Maryland as a youngster growing up in Chicago.
    "I was a club kid in Chicago back in the 70's and 80's.  My father basically said 'hey son, you're getting too fat.'  And look dad, I'm still fat!" said Maryland. "The club that I went to on the south side of Chicago was a haven in the midst of a whole bunch of other things; gangs, drugs and what not."
    His work with the Boys and Girls Club is fitting when you consider what he's doing professionally with the Cleveland Browns.
    Maryland is entering his second year as an assistant in player engagement.  It's his job to make sure Johnny Manziel and the other players stay out of trouble.  He's worked hand-in-hand with the Browns new quarterback as he transitions to the NFL.
    "Tell you what, I feel for the guy.  Back in 1991, nobody cared.  Nobody has camera phones, nobody had the social media," said Maryland.  "So for these young guys today, everybody is a journalist and everybody is a photographer."
    Including Manziel, who has posted image damaging pictures to his own social media accounts.
    He's an easy target made easier with self-inflicting wounds.
    "I think any NFL player is a target  but Johnny more so because his profile is so high.  We'll help him navigate through it and he'll be just fine.  And Johnny is a great guy man.  He's a baller, he comes in ready to work and I really enjoy what he's bringing there.  He's working hard and he's trying to really make a name for himself as a young guy in the NFL.  So he's going to be fine."
    The 3-time Super Bowl champ said life is better than ever.  He's a big-brother to so many kids in need - both with the Browns and the Boys and Girls Club
    "That's what I do, and I love it.  So it's really not working.  It's me just sitting around and me being a big brother to those young guys 'hey man don't do that' or 'hey man go ahead you can do that, you're doing good.'  And everyone needs that; man, woman and child."