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Like Game Tickets, Cowboys Lottery Tickets Are Expensive Too



    As of now, you don't have to be Joey Galloway to get a huge, undeserved payday from the Dallas Cowboys. On Monday, the Texas Lottery Commission announced that they will begin selling a Dallas Cowboys scratch off ticket on Aug. 17. 

    The tickets will cost $5 a piece, with cash prizes up to $100,000 and non-cash prizes including private tours, suites, and airfare and accomadations for an away game.

    The non-cash prizes will be reserved for second-chance drawings, meaning, basically, that you shouldn't tear up that losing ticket in dejection outside your local 7-Eleven, but instead, put it in the mail (to the Texas Lottery Commission) and cross your fingers.

    A similar ticket affiliated with the Houston Texans was announced last month.

    However, the Texans being the Texans and the Cowboys being the Cowboys, a paltry 4 million Texans tickets will be printed, as compared to 12.5 million of the Cowboys tickets.

    The thought of a Dallas Cowboys lottery ticket seems fairly fitting; they fill your head with promise, looking everything like a winner, only to ultimately fall short of your expectations.

    Okay, that was just mean. Sorry Cowboys. Sorry Lottery Commission.