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Watch 1st Look Now: We Revealed Some Best Kept Secrets




    Missed "1st Look" this past weekend? Don't fret--we've got you covered. We're revealing some of best kept secrets in food, nightlife, fashion and art.

    Take a Trip Around the World at Brooklyn's Soco. Watch the video above.

    Get at Bite of Pumpple Cake at Flying Monkey

    [LXTVN] Get at Bite of Pumpple Cake at Flying Monkey
    Ever hear of a Pumpple Cake? Yeah, we hadn't either until we stepped inside the food mecca that is Philly's Reading Terminal Market and followed the yellow brick road to Flying Monkey Bakery. Here it's all about cupcakes, whoopie pies, and many other delicious sweets. But if you're really ready for a challenge, get your hands on one monster slices of the Pumpple Cake, only eight available each day! Flying Monkey 51 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 / 215-928-0340 (Published Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012)

    Get a Bite of Pumpple Cake at Flying Monkey. Watch the video.

    Asian Goes South of the Border at Taka Taka. Watch the video.

    Go Toe to Toe with Your Opponent in Chessboxing--Checkmate! Watch the video.

    Eat, Sleep and Drink at Longman & Eagle. Watch the video.

    Check Out New Artists at Transformer Gallery. Watch the video.

    Stylish Specs that Give Back at Warby Parker. Watch the video.